Five Most Important Programming Concepts

Concept 1

The horrible truth: Both an insistence that everything in your project is perfect and the notion that the important thing is “does is work?” are likewise unworkable concepts.

Concept 2

The horrible truth: There is lots of crappy code in the world written by people who were drunk or at least seems so to their colleagues. Deal with it.

Concept 3

The horrible truth: No, your boss will never understand why this is taking so long unless you really take a lot of time to explain it to them, again, and they give a crap – both must be present.

Concept 4

The horrible truth: A developer’s “diligently lazy” modus operandi is both his secret weapon and his Achilles Heel. Learn to guide is gently, or die trying.

Concept 5

The horrible truth: I don’t care what mascot is on the language’s site – it won’t really make you fly, trust me.


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