Choosing the right coding Bootcamp

The job market for developers is growing faster than ever and there is an ever increasing gap between the number of open software jobs and the number of developers in the market. One of the side effects of it is the increasing number of online coding boot camps.

Boot camps are technical training programs that teach you the parts of programming that have the biggest relevance in the current job market. The cost of attending a boot camp typically ranges from around $5000 to $18000.

But, with so many boot camps out there and more coming up every day, how do you decide which one to attend? Here, are the 3 key ways to make sense of what the boot camp has to offer.


1 Alumni content 

The best way to infer the quality of the boot camp is to find out the position of the alumni of the boot camp. See what kind of job are they doing, what is their annual package, things like that. Additionally, you can also review the success stories of alumni shared on the website.


2 Student Review

At times it is possible that the success stories do not provide with a complete picture of the boot camp. Reviews written by current and past students offer a way to gauge quality on the boot camp. Quora, Course Report and Switchup provides with unbiased reviews relating to the boot camp.


3 Admission Interviews

Admission people might be able to provide you with a more detailed view regarding the course materials, office hours and support available at the boot camp. Talking to them is perhaps the most extensive way to do research on a coding boot camp. Also, it is advisable to take into account the admission questions asked during interviews. The general rule of thumb is “the more difficult the question the better is the quality of boot camp” because higher difficulty of questions means the boot camp is popular among tech companies and students that it has the liberty to filter and get quality students, which in turn will form an extremely good peer group.


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