Difference between IDE, Library, Framework, API, and SDK

IDE What is the first thing that you will need for Custom Software Development? Yeah, a text editor. But text editor doesn’t offer any other advantage like auto-correction, intelligent code completion or form designers. Here comes an IDE – Integrated Development Environment – a text editor with additional support for developing, compiling and debugging applications. […]

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Strangest Sorting Algorithms

Here is a list of the strangest sorting algorithms and some of them are downright hilarious. 1 Sleep Sort For every element x in an array, start a new program that: Sleeps for x seconds. Prints out x. The clock starts on all the elements at the same time. It works for any array that […]

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NodeJS v/s Rails

There are thousands of articles on the internet discussing the pros and cons of NodeJS and Rails. This is one of such article. Let’s get something clear. NodeJS is a runtime environment for running JavaScript server while rails is a framework for Ruby. Pros of NodeJS NodeJS is fast Learning Curve The code is written […]

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Cassandra is a distributed database management system, originally designed by Facebook for their inbox search. New database management system It is expensive to use a single machine for various applications, a better idea is to use a set of machines to store the data and therefore a more powerful distributed system was designed so that […]

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